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Dallmayr Coffee imports the Dallmayr Promodo, a high-quality blend of the finest mountain-grown coffees from the best coffee-growing areas in the world. The special Dallmayr full aroma roasting method gives this coffee its unmistakable taste - a delight for all coffee connoisseurs. It’s also suitable for those who tend to react sensitively to coffee. The special pre-roasting refinement process removes irritants and bitter components while retaining all the caffeine. Dallmayr Promodo comes in brick form and in beautifully decorated tins designed with a special lid to seal in the flavor also imports a decaffeinated coffee which is gentle on the heart and stomach: Dallmayr Entcoffeiniert. The finest Arabica highland coffees are carefully decaffeinated, go through a special refinement process to extract many irritants and bitter components, and are then perfected by the special Dallmayr full aroma roasting technique. A harmonious

Dallmayr coffee

– caffeine free. Guaranteed from 100% Arabica beans.

History of Dallmayr
In 1933, a young coffee merchant from Bremen named Konrad Werner Wille came to Munich with an assignment to set up a special coffee department at the Dallmayr delicatessen. Under the motto "Bremen’s art of blending and Southern Germany’s love of coffee” he built up a coffee range of the highest standard. On top of managing sales, he not only purchased the raw coffee, but also personally attended to the roasting process. Soon, the best hotels and cafes were being supplied with special blends and thus The "Dallmayr Coffee" brand was born, leading to Wille’s up-market establishment becoming both popular and widely known.

World War II brought bad times to the company and its staff - in 1945 the head office in the Dienerstrasse was completely destroyed and coffee, which had grown to become the company’s core business, could only be obtained on the black market. Happily, by the early 1950s the building and its elegant façade had been reconstructed enabling the prestige of one of the leading delicatessen houses to burst forth anew.

The superior quality of the emporium combined with the post-war coffee business proving exceptionally strong lead to the whole establishment gaining an admirable reputation. Then, in the early sixties, the largest and most modern roasting plant in Southern Germany was built in the Munich-Giesing district and

Dallmayr coffee

came to be renowned throughout Bavaria, particularly for its rapidly growing speciality “House prodomo” (meaning ‘family home’) which had been recently created by Konrad Werner Wille.

In 1985 the coffee section was detached from the company as a whole and integrated into the newly founded Alois Dallmayr Kaffee partnership. Almost immediately, the focus was on developing the roast coffee sector and expanding sales outside Bavaria. Today,

Dallmayr Coffee’s

top brand prodomo is also one of the leading brands in the German coffee market.


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