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How can add several addresses for multiple orders?
Each shipping address requires a separate order. To enter multiple shipping addresses to your account, in the upper right corner of our website, click on "Your Account" and use your account email address and password to log in. After you are logged into your account, click on "Manage Shipping Addresses" and at the top click on "Add new shipping address" and fill in the information.

Can I delay shipment on my order?  Yes! In fact, we encourage people to order early for best selection.  To indicate when you want your order shipped, start the check out process and continue through to shipping method.  When you get the to payment page, click on "Optional: add questions or comments about your order" and add ship date you would prefer. See screen shot below for more guidance.

Where can I add the gift message to my order?  After you have selected the items for your order, proceed to check out and continue with check out process until you get to the Payment page.  Click on "Gift wrap this item" and enter your gift message here.  See screen shot below for more guidance.

Why are your retail store hours so limited?  Internet business produces the majority of our revenue as we are an internet based company.  While we may be at our warehouse location longer hours than warehouse hours posted, we need those hours to concentrate on processing and shipping internet orders. You are welcome to call us and make an appointment to purchase and preview our products. For current customer service hours, check out our Contact Us page.

How long will my Chocolates keep their fresh taste?The shelf life of chocolates vary based on how they were made.  Most of our vendors have shelf life dates on their chocolates for up to a year. Chocolates should be kept room temperature and kept away from heat and humidity. Specifically, the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees (F) and the relative humidity should remain below 60%. Avoid direct sunlight.

Tips for storing Lebkuchen.Unlike crunchy Christmas cookies, Lebkuchen are supposed to be soft and succulent – for as long as possible. Since Oblaten Lebkuchen are made without any chemical preservatives they are best stored in their protective packaging in a cool place at 16 – 18 degrees Celsius with 65% air humidity. All opened packs should be resealed carefully.
A trick from grandmother's kitchen to keep Lebkuchen fresh for longer:Just put half an apple into your Lebkuchen tin. You may also use the zest of untreated lemons or oranges. They will provide humidity as well as some additional flavor. Please make sure to replace the apples or zests with new ones at least every other day to avoid mold formation.

"Grey" chocolate on Lebkuchen doesn’t mean it has "gone off”. Even a short period of heat during transportation can make the chocolate go slightly "grey” on its surface. This discoloration affects neither quality nor taste.

How long will my German lebkuchen and cookies keep their fresh taste?Lebkuchen is a seasonal (September - December) item in Germany and typically has a shelf life between 6 - 8 months.  Many of our customers tell us that when they receive their lebkuchen, they freeze some of it so they can enjoy it all year long!

Why is my shopping bag still empty after I added an item?It sounds like your browser isn't accepting or supporting the "cookie" used by to create your shopping bag. Netscape 3.0 (and higher) and Internet Explorer 3.0 (and higher) both support cookie technology, but if your browser asks you whether or not to accept a cookie from the Mostly Chocolate website, you will still need to answer "yes" in order for it to work. If you are using one of these browsers or a more recent version and it has not asked you about cookies or you answered yes and it still did not work, then the last possible fix is to try re-entering the website at this URL: Sometimes, a cookie just doesn't get delivered properly the first time around.

Is online shopping secure?At Mostly Chocolate, we ensure a secure server ordering process with To make purchases online at, you must allow your computer to accept "cookies" if it asks. Computer "cookies" are safe and are simply the best way for us to offer you the most enjoyable and hassle-free online shopping environment. In addition, we have taken extra steps to prevent internet fraud.  When placing an online order, your credit card is not authorized unless all the information (e.g. billing address, name, security code, expiration date) matches precisely. If you have any problems during your check out experience with the payment process, please contact us at 1-877-902-6262 so we can ensure your order gets placed accurately and safely.  Better safe than sorry!

Why do shipping rates go up the summer? We take as much care in shipping your chocolates as we do in importing our delicious confections. In warm weather conditions (temperatures exceeding 72 degrees), chocolate melts quickly. We carefully pack your order with ice packs which last up to 48 hours. Shipping time needs to stay under 3 days at a maximum to ensure that the ice packs stay cool to keep your chocolates from melting.  We ship only Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer months to ensure that chocolates are not being held in a warm shipping warehouse over the weekend.

What makes European chocolate so different than chocolate made in the United States? Chocolate is the sweetened product received after fermenting, roasting and grinding cacao tree seeds. As most people already know, chocolate comes in a variety of forms: milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate and many more. European chocolates are extremely different from American chocolates due to the higher amount of cocoa present in them. This gives European chocolates more intense flavor. People who like dark chocolate tend to favor the flavor of European Chocolates.

Unlike American chocolates, European chocolates have a lot of time spent on them. Europeans make their chocolates with patience and love and blend each chocolate to perfection. This makes them extremely smooth and gives them a fine texture. Their intense creaminess is attributed to a higher level of cocoa butter. In European chocolates, the entire taste of the cocoa is not saturated with sugar unlike American chocolates in which the original bitterness of cocoa is completely eliminated by adding sweeteners. European chocolate is also healthier as it is not entirely artificially sweetened and the chocolate retains some of the benefits of cocoa.

It is not true that only Swiss or Belgian chocolate is good in taste, almost all other European countries like Germany, Italy, Ireland and many others produce excellent chocolate. It all depends on the customers taste. Since European chocolates are liked so thoroughly by people, they make extremely good gifts and are quite popular!

What does it mean when there is a Cocoa % listed on chocolates?  Many European and South American chocolates we sell list a cocoa (cacao) percentage on the product (e.g. 77% Cocoa, 88% Cocoa...).  The percentage indicates the amount of cocoa content present in the chocolate.  Typically chocolates with a 53% cocoa content or lower are considered to be milk chocolate.  The higher the percentage... the higher cocoa content... the darker the chocolate.  Our darkest chocolate, produced by Hachez in Germany, contains 88% cocoa and is known for its bitter, smooth taste.

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